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By means of the principles of karate we promote the integration of children, youngsters and adults, all with special needs , not only in this unique martial arts, but mainly in daily life. This is done by helping them to build their self-confidence and self-respect, and by offering them an opportunity to amaze the world around them with their abilities and strengths.

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I firmly believe in the inspirational power of I-karate. The ultimate goal of a ‘karateka’ is to become a better person, in the broader sense, regardless physical and/or mental disabilities. This goes even more for I-Karate … Technique is one aspect, yet commitment, perseverance and trust are as - or even more - important! Our Federation is open to everybody, regardless of their abilities.

The strength of I-karate might be the method I have invented, which implies a strong partnership between our physically disabled I-karatekas in their wheelchairs and his or her buddy. It creates a bond of respect and trust, and without the significant other, one just can’t reach his goals in I-karate. These insights also apply to our coaches: they teach I-karate from the heart, to several levels and target groups of I-karatekas, to explore and stimulate the possibilities of all. Their engagement is rewarded by much more than the techniques and progress of their trainees … it is rewarded by the joy they discover and the gratitude and friendship they build, with their trainees and their buddies.

Being a professional karateka for more than 30 years, my experiences with I-Karate in the past years have taught me a wise lesson in life … All true karatekas, regardless of their abilities and techniques, share the same vision … and I am committed to help them to grow and bring their joy to the world.

If our I-Karate approach has triggered you, please contact us! Our I-karatekas will be proud to demonstrate their skills and let you experience I-Karate yourself.

Any martial arts federation, club or organization, regardless of their style, is welcome to join the Inclusive Karate Federation. By doing so, you will help me, and so many others, in realizing a dream: to create a truly Inclusive Karate spirit, all around the world …

Sincerely yours,

Eric Bortels

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