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IKF Headquarters

Sensei Eric Bortels

Slangbeekstraat 21

3511 Kuringen


Tel: +32 (0) 11 23 34 18
gsm: +32 (0)477 51 94 48

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The origin of Inclusive Karate Federation

Since 2007 Sensei Eric Bortels has given karate training at BuSO KIDS in Hasselt.

(Special school for children with behavioral problems)


In 2009,  Sensei Eric Bortels also started a close collaboration with Bethanië Hasselt .


Thanks to the support of the province of Limburg (Belgium) Eric now takes care of all I-sports days .


At regular intervals,  Sensei Eric Bortels was asked to lead sessions in institutions , day care centres etc. ..

And this for people with Down syndrome , mental retardation , wheelchair users , people with ASD etc..


In early 2012 , Eric starts a collaboration with Dr Ilse Rayen , developmental pediatrician  and autism specialist.

From this G-Karate Limburg started off.. (www.g-karate-vlaanderen.be)


In March 2012 , Eric started with his own small group of children with ASD between 8-11 years .


Mid-2012 's thanks to JKS Belgium, G-karate Limburg becomes G-Karate Flanders and became the main organization

for I-karate in Flanders.

End of 2013, Sensei Eric Bortels got the call from Japan to set up a global organization to promote I-karate.

Along with some volunteers from the world of karate, the medical and business sector IKF was founded.