Peter Bynens

Peter  Quanten


Caroline Ameloot

Public relations & funding

Doctor Carlo Oud

Head of Medical Commission

 & TUE Panel

Greet Cuyvers

IKF GLOBAL board of directors

Founding board members

Eric Bortels  6de dan Shotokan

Founder & Techinal director.

 Sensei Gonosen Karate Academy.  Technical Director JKS Benelux.

Responsible for the I karate of the Flemisch Karate Federation VKF

Adrian Magyar

General secretary

President I-karate Global Hungary

Responsible para-karate

Hungarian Karate Federation

Responsible para-karate

Hungarian Paralympic Committee

Philip Willems


Koen Spitaels, 5de dan Kyokushinkai

General secretary

Chief judging team IKF

Founder & sensei Niji Yama Dojo

The organisation’s management structure:
IKF Global vzw: 4 people responsible for the daily management, supported by volunteers

Bortels Eric, president and chairman technical commission

Koen Spitaels, secretary and technical commission

Adrian Magyar, treasure and technical commission

Caroline Ameloot, board member and PR & funding

The Inclusive Karate Federation IKF GLOBAL is a federation of countries, clubs and individuals worldwide, who have agreed to follow the same standards for instructing inclusive karate. The founder of this federation is Eric Bortels, also founder of G-Karate vzw.

Eric Bortels and Koen Spitaels are also welknown within the regular karate world:

Eric Bortels, 6th dan Shotokan, founder & sensei Gonosen Karate Academy, founder & Technical Director JKS Benelux, European Champion 2012, Vice-European Champion 2014, Worldchampion JKS Shotokan masters 2016.

Koen Spitaels, 5de dan Kyokushinkai, founder & sensei Niji Yama Dojo

Aims of the organisation:
The mission of IKF GLOBAL (Inclusive karate federation) vzw is to stimulate the integration of physically and mentally disabled children, youngsters and adults via sport, ie. I-karate or inclusive karate, as part of their personal development by raising self-awareness, physical strengths and social contacts.

More in detail:

To promote karate for people with a disability, expand and develop the principle of I-karate (ie. inclusive karate) across Europe and worldwide

To organize trainings, fellowships, competitions, sport days, holiday camps, tests, incl. formation of I-trainers

To unite karate clubs, remaining their own traditions, but willing to integrate I-karate

To organize activities, events, excursions, exchanges of sportive, cultural, social and other aspects, to help realize above goals and further integrate our I-karatekas.

To promote mutual respect and integration, enhanced by the principle of buddies, ie. young valid karatekas assisting I-karakekas during trainings competitions, etc. with the idea to create friendship during the karate-sessions but also in daily life.

IKF Worldwide

IKF GLOBAL Technical Commision

Goal of the technical commission:

Striving to perfectionate this system so everybody can join.

To introduce and teach this unique system all over the world.

These people are designated in this commission because of their devotion

to teach this system to all disabled people in their country without any exception.

We hope that in the future we can extent this commission.


IKF GLOBAL Management team:

Goal of the management team:

Responsible for fundraising

To promote this system

Caroline Ameloot Belgium Adrian Magyar Hungary Eric Bortels Belgium Myriam Millaseau France Brian Caroll Ireland Attila Halazs Hungary

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