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Register for the next Inclusive-karate course.

The diploma is valid for 1 year and is nationally recognized by I-Karate Global in your country.

i.e. if the graduated person does not take any actions concerning training to special need students

then the diploma expires. So it is renewable every year.

You can choose the entire lesson package all modules:

(the lessons are practically focused except for the general part)

Attention after each lesson, lessons are taught for 30 minutes to that particular target group.

This can be after class or during the next lesson at the beginning.

If you choose a module, only this module will be mentioned on the diploma.

General part is mandatory together with the chosen module.

Degree adjustment for IKG (diploma can be requested)

No degree = purple belt

Brown becomes Shodan

Shodan becomes Nidan etc.

Highest degree is Godan.


€300 - all modules. (book included)

MOD A €200  (book included)

MOD B €200  (book included)

MOD C €150  (book included)

Advance payment of €100 on account nr: BE78 0689 0208 6586

To be paid before : .............

(the amount is not recoverable, no advance payment  is no participation)


5 days course. (weekend)

Spread over 7 evenings in about 3 months.


*Theory and practical lessons on site.

*Exam (you are obliged to participate in all lessons)

(exam is the teacher's assessment during your practical lessons during the course and on the move)

At least 6 mandatory training courses to be followed at a Inclusive-karate location, to be determined together with the country manager.

*The manual.

*Diploma is certified by a recognized sports federation of Belgium and….

2 Upgrade practical classes per year together with all Inclusive-trainers from I-karate Global.

Additional costs:

Purchase materials. (see materials list)

Grading Diploma. (50 euros, not mandatory)


You can register and you will be placed on the waiting list.

We will inform you soon when the course is organized.

Send us an e-mail at:




A.B.C. General part



A. Runners ASD, deaf intellectual bep.  


2 lessons

B. Rollers physical/ runners physical


2 lessons

C. Visual impairment


2 lessons

A.B.C. General: organizing sports day