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4.2.1 The coach therefore needs to put the blue and red wristbands the other way around (blue on the right, and red on the left)

4.2.1 b Show each card and they stand (with 2 feet) on the corresponding picture on the training mat a

4.2.1 c Split up laterally showing 2 cards at the time

4.2.1 d Split up crossed showing 2 cards at the time (1 foot forwards or backwards)

4.2.1 e Touch the pictogram with the colour ball you ask and show the pictogram in your hand with the colour wristband you want them to use

4.2.1 f Add creativity: ask them to put their feet on the 2 pictograms you show them. The remain on these pictograms and need to touch the pictogram you show them,with the colour wristband

4.2.2 a General warm-up on the training mat (cardio)

4.2.2 b Place the participants behind the mat laid one after the other (slowly and all at their own pace)

4.2.3 a Start with the hands OPEN placed on the hips and stretch 1 arm

4.2.3 aa Next don’t go back to the hips and move the arms from your previous position

4.2.3 b Squeezing the ball when arm is stretched out and use the word “HET”

4.2.3 c Than they can grasp the ball a

4.2.3 d Do the defend double and then combine: stretch, high up, elbows against each other,crossed shoulder and down, hips crossed and look in your wrist, crossed open at your ears and high five twice

4.2.3 e Do attacks double and then combine: crossed shoulder elbow side hands closed, thrust forward hands open in the hips, hands crossed the shoulder arms open hands closed “like opening a newspaper”

5.1.2 Kihon on the training mat (with pads)

5.1.3 Kumite on the training mat (with pads)

5.2.2 Kihon on the training mat (with pads)

5.3.2 Kihon on the mat (with directional cards)

5.3.3 Kumite on the mat (with pads)

5.3.4 Kata on the mat

5.4.2 Kihon on the mat (with positional cards)

5.4.3 Kumite on the mat (with pads)

5.4.4 Kata on the mat

5.5.2 Kihon on the mat (with directional cards)

5.5.3 Kumite on the mat (with pads)

5.5.4 Week 9: now for each side 1 exercise like cat is tsuki fish is gedan barai

5.7.3 Kumite on the mat (with pads)

5.7.4 Kata on the mat

5.8.2 Kumite

5.9.2 Kumite

5.9.3 Kata on the mat

5.10.2 Kumite

5.11.4 Kata on the mat

5.13.2 Kihon on the mat (with balls and pads)

5.13.4 Kata on the mat

5.14.3 Kumite on the mat (with balls and pads)

5.14.4 Kata on the mat

5.15.4 Kata on the mat

5.16.4 Kata on the mat

5.18.4 Kata on the mat

5.20.4 Kata without the mat

5.21.4 Kata without the mat

5.23.4 Kata without the mat

5.26.4 Kata without the mat

5.28.3 Kumite without the mat

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