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IKF Headquarters

Sensei Eric Bortels

Slangbeekstraat 21

3511 Kuringen


Tel: +32 (0) 11 23 34 18
gsm: +32 (0)477 51 94 48

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Our I-karatekas in action

Flemisch Championschip 2013

Flemisch Championschip

2013 Wevelgem (B)

Stage Kagawa  Shihan 2013

International cour se

With Shihan Kagawa

August 2013 Hasselt (B)

JKS belgian open championship 2013

Open Belgian championship

JKS & I-Karate 2013

Hasselt (B)

I-sport day 2013

Martial Spirits

I-Sporting day

April 2013 Zelem (B)

Demonstration Waaiberg

Demonstration and initiation

De Waaiberg, Gits (B)

December 2013

diamond cup

Diamond cup 2014


Stage met Yamaguchi Sensei

I-karate training with

Yamaguchi Sensei in

Hasselt 2014

IKF Straatsburg

International IKF competition Strasbourg

France 2016

Open Belgian Championship Integrated Karate 2014

Open Belgian Championship

Inclusive Karate

May 2014 Hothalen (B)

Stage Kagawa 2015

Karate seminar with

Shihan Kagawa

Hasselt, Belgium 2015

JKS 2016

World Championship

JKS Glasgow 2016